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my regular projection crew are not available for an event i need help with. vonliptov is an event hosted by marshall dragun and is on february 1st. does working with digital art projections interest you? please read on! when: february 1st at bell jar cafe 2072 dundas street west at howard park ave. projections from 10pm to 2am and then help getting equipment back after just one block away.

i am looking for someone who knows MAC computers and projectors and can problem solve on their feet. someone who can be there for entire time for february 1st. the system is currently set up in my close by studio- wednesday through saturday i’ll be testing it here. on feb 1st i’m moving the whole thing to the venue. i will be there for set up but for the night i am needed at two other events. i would be constantly available by phone. it is a three projection set up using two walls and one rear projection screen. there are two separate hour and half playlists. the system needs babysitting especially because of a pastiche of equipment which often needs tweaking and creative problem solving. i’m adding a video here of the partial set up to give a sense of what i’m doing with chasing images. belljar is a great venue and the vonliptov folk are super cool.

this is a fundraiser for parc -the parkdale activity recreation centre- so there is no money involved. if things work out i am also looking for a new ongoing film/ art intern for my ongoing projects in 2014. to see what kind of work we do

intern or just come out for the one night and help me out . have an excellent week everybody! please pass this along…


if you are interested please use contact form below:

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